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  • Walk-in Calgary Family Clinic is multifaceted medical centre that combines Doctors of various specialties and the power of diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities, that are aimed at providing the most rapid and effective relief to patients suffering from pain syndromes. Calgary Family Clinic has become one of the best centers for integrated treatment of pain syndromes of different origin.
    We focus on the high level of service and provide the full range of necessary medical assistance. Every patient  is treated by specialists in different fields, who use an integrated approach to treatment: The individual therapy plan is developed, in case of need, the latest intervention techniques are applied, which allows to neutralize the whole range of pain syndromes/symptoms.
    We know that the constant pain is not just an unpleasant sensation, it leads to severe depression, social isolation,and even loss of employment. Walk in Clinic Calgary specialists are working every day to relieve the pain of our patients. Our main goal is to ensure that patients recover and return to normal life!



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